Guest Technologies


Every time a guest powers up their Tablet, Smartphone, turns on the TV or connects with a mobile device, Guest Technologies helps define the unique value you have on your Cruise Line. Through advanced mobile technology, we establish your cruise ship as one that guests can trust for innovative, responsive services, timely information and unmatched connectivity and experience.

Shape Your Guests Experience

Guest Technologies Inc. is focused on enhancing your guest experience and growing revenue via technology (E-Commerce and Mobile platforms) both for on-board and in-port opportunities. We design and implement guest-facing technologies to enhance your guest experience, and to identify business development and marketing opportunities to increase and drive revenue.

Our mobile platform can provide custom content services, coupled with amazing standard features and unparalleled integration that will make your guests feel as connected as if they are at home.

Guest Technologies System

Our on-board mobile website products drive and foster a guest community that provides the following benefits to your operations:

You want to balance the push for technology innovation, while justifying the practical business decision for new offerings (i.e., ROI). In that light, we work with your technology/IT and guest commerce marketing organizations to deliver new revenue growth opportunities.

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